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Ian’s family will also be involved in different capacities dependent on the SA Trail Bike Tours. His son Darcy and Daughter Lacey both share his love of riding motorbikes and adventure and his wife Michelle keeps them all under control [she has the most difficult task]. Ian also has a couple of very talented friends that are keen to be involved. Andrew and Kym both have a background in heavy transport, motorcycles, the outback and pastoral work that give them an absolute passion for these types of trail bike tours.

Owner/Operator – Ian Richardson

Ian Richardson has had a passion for motorcycles, the outdoors, camping and adventure all his life and has finally realized his dream of starting up an SA motorcycle tour business with a difference.

Ian has been involved in outback travel as a heavy transport operator, has a commercial pilots license, and currently operates a pastoral property in the mid north of SA. More recently Ian been competing in the reliability trial series in SA and this has fuelled his love of off road adventure.

Although SA Trail Bike Adventures is very young and starting off small, Ian has some great ideas on the direction he wants to take it. His dream is to have guests contact him with an idea and he will design a motorcycle tour to match. For example it may be a dirt bike tour with elements of riding, fishing, hunting, camping, station life or whatever the concept may be Ian is willing to build a motorcycle tour to make your dream a reality.

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